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2-5 Playground Unit
Part Number: UP-6500
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This two deck structure comes with a Vine Climber, Tree Stump Climber, Straight Slide, TouchMath Panel, Gear Panel, Clock Panel, Telescope, Bongo Drum, and Rain Wheel. A roof is integrated into the structure for shade and comfort. This equipment is commercially compliant to CPSC and ASTM standards and IPEMA certified.

Discovery Centers components offer a variety of developmental and educational activities that encourage children to learn, grow, and lead healthy lifestyles.

Exclusively featuring a TouchMath® learning panel and curriculum for bringing learning outdoors. TouchMath is an award-winning multisensory math curriculum.

Helping meet best practices and licensing requirements in early childhood standards:

Bringing Learning Outdoors
Gross Motor Development
Fine Motor Development
Music & Movement
Dramatic Play
Multisensory Experiences
Creative Arts & Literacy Support
Semiprivate Areas

Anchoring using a mounting kit is required for structure to be compliant with commercial playground structures. Choose 8" Ground Spike or 2" Anchor Bolt mounting option (included).

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