What Are the Best Playgrounds for Toddlers?
What Are the Best Playgrounds for Toddlers?
A toddler playground which is designed well, can impact significantly the children who make use of it. A playground offers unique experiences and creative learning opportunities, whether it be from free standing plastic playground equipment to natural climbing elements which are part of a larger play structure.

If you are designing playgrounds for toddlers, consider first their physical and mental abilities. Prioritize choosing the layout, playsets, and materials with the safety factor as a priority. There are many visually appealing free standing play and play sets available so putting together an aesthetically pleasing playground is easy - and of course our experienced reps are always available to help.

Bliss Products and Services provide commercial playground equipment for all ages - from infants to big kids. Our experienced reps have provided and installed toddler playgrounds in many varied situations and can help you create the ideal play area for kids.

Age-Appropriate Equipment for toddlers
Kids have fun while swinging, sliding, and testing their strength on the monkey bars, but the true value of an age appropriate playground goes far beyond having fun on the playground.

Studies have shown that well designed toddler playgrounds are an asset to learning in early childhood development, enabling toddlers to test their physical and cognitive abilities.

A toddler playground is a safe zone for a toddler's imaginations to run wild during free-play, practice problem solving, and test their limits of their skills in an area designed for safe play.

Choice of playground play elements
A toddler playground gives children choices of different activities and play structure to play with. There should be different levels of challenges and free standing structures or integrated play sets which invite both solo and group play.

Stimulation of Toddler Imagination
Imagination is easily stimulated with toys that welcome exploration, pretend play and safe risks. Play elements like jumping stones or tree log slices, or climbing bridges encourage toddlers to explore and experience new things within a controlled, monitored space.

Invoking Excitement and enjoyment in Toddlers on the playground
A child's enjoyment and excitement comes from feeling relaxed and welcome in their surroundings. Playgrounds should be full of laughter, talking, jumping, dancing, and other expressions of joy.

Play Areas of Age Appropriate Equipment.
Age appropriate toddler equipment goes far beyond taking an existing play structure or play element and scaling it down to toddler size. The correct equipment provides an age-appropriate level of challenge, meaning that the average toddler can navigate the elements safely while still benefiting from the physical and mental stimulation.

Toddlers Need Playground Equipment?
When children are playing, they are learning. With age-appropriate playground equipment, toddlers can develop a range of physical, mental, and social skills that help them grow into well-rounded critical thinkers.

Experts agree that play is crucial to whole-child development, creating an outlet for creativity, social skills, language, and overall cognitive function.

Unlike organized physical activities, a playground purpose built for toddlers offers them the opportunity to choose how to play and that is essential.

By piquing the interest of a 1-3-year-old with colorful equipment and exciting obstacles, you are helping them stretch their imagination! Toddlers experience new ways of interacting with the world while taking risks and building self-esteem.

The gap from age 1 to 3 in physical development is vast. While younger toddlers have just learned to stay upright, older toddlers are well-versed in various physical activities. As such, toddler playgrounds should feature a variety of appealing equipment.

According to the National Program for Playground Safety, playgrounds for toddlers should have:

Small steps
Crawl spaces
Platforms with climbable ramps and ladders
Sand and water manipulatives
Spring rockers and rideable areas
Shade-covered sandpits
Slides no taller than 4 ft

Choosing Equipment for a Toddler Playground
The developmental abilities of children aged 1-3 limit some equipment, but there are plenty of options to create your ideal free play zone.

Shady Structures
Shaded areas where play can continue uninterrupted are a crucial safety element for toddler playgrounds. Young children can easily get sun burnt and overheat. Add shade to protect kids and watching adults.