What Is The Best Playground Equipment For A School?
Bliss products and Services provide entire ranges of commercial playground equipment pieces to choose from. If you are are buying for your church, day-care, park, or other recreational sites, we have the right commercial grade playground equipment that best suits your community and needs.

School owners know that a playground can transform the campus and encourage recreation among the students. However, educational institutions bear liability in terms of safety, ASTM standards, and the concerns of parents and guardians. With the right equipment choices, you can create a play area that is compelling, popular, and safe.

Which playground equipment pieces is right for your school needs careful consideration on the play needs of the children, the project constraints, and the popularity of the equipment are all critical factors in a thriving play area.

Determining the Children’s Needs
Play equipment must be both appealing to the community, fun and engaging. Safety needs to be foremost but a balance must be found between providing acceptable excitement and risk whilst offering ways to explore creativity and imagination while testing the physical and mental needs of the users.

Age and Accessibility
The most critical emphasis of any playground must be accessibility. Age use and accessibility are closely linked, buying age-appropriate equipment ensures that your playground is usable.

Consider the age of students at your school. Some play elements like crawling tunnels suit younger children, older kids prefer more autonomous play without supervision. Older students can tolerate higher degrees of exertion and exercise while lower elementary children cannot. Browse our online store by age range to find the perfect play elements, play sets or playgrounds.

Some playground equipment for schools, like swing sets, may require adult supervision. Sometimes school policy doesn’t mandate supervised recess, in that case focus on safe structures that the children can enjoy independently without adult supervision.

Bliss Products and Services have an entire catalogue of wheelchair-accessible, ADA compliant equipment, including full playground sets and more. From wheelchair ramps for easy access to the play area we stock a range of ADA accessible equipment.

Whether the children are climbing, crawling, running, or playing, they’re bound to trip or fall at some point. It’s the inevitable by-product of physical exercise, and the best way to defend against it is for your playground to be as safe as possible.

The best protective strategy is to follow ASTM guidelines by purchasing approved playground equipment. However playgrounds need to undergo regular inspections to verify that your equipment is staying within safety thresholds and that includes your surfacing.

The best protection against tripping and falling is ASTM-approved surfacing materials, like the rubber mulch in our store. Even as little as six inches of the material reduces impacts and minimizes injuries. Similarly, rubber mats at the bases of slides and swings reduce injuries.

Lastly, protecting children against the elements is essential for a playground. If your site is under the open sky, your students will need a defence against the hot sun. If it unexpectedly begins to rain, the children will want a place to seek shelter and await guidance. Shade structures and awnings are fantastic choices for protecting kids of all ages against the weather.

Physical Needs
Even though playgrounds are fun and games, they also play a lead role in assuring that the schoolchildren get the physical exercise they need for healthy growth. The best park equipment that encourages fitness are climbing structures. These include outdoor jungle gyms, half-moon climbers, rock walls, and nets. Fake rocks, logs, and other natural themed climbing elements all encourage climbing.

Crawling is another fitness activity that is much safer for younger children than climbing. There are several crawl tunnels in unique styles which are particularly accessible to kids in the 5 - 12 age range.

Playgrounds inspire kids of all ages to compete in sports and competition. Structures like freestanding ball hoops, obstacle courses, and balancing beams provide ample opportunities to excel within their peer group.