Installing Your Commercial Grade Swing Set with Bliss Products and Services: Some tips for Self-Installation:
Installing a swing set in your commercial playground is an exciting project that can create a fun-filled space for children to enjoy. With the assistance of Bliss Products and Services, Inc. (BPS), you can ensure a seamless and safe installation process. With over 35 years of experience in play structure design and installation, BPS delivers outstanding service, from design and on-site consulting to equipment installation and safety reviews. Their expertise guarantees both safety and customer satisfaction, resulting in engaging play spaces.

BPS utilizes advanced 3D image building programs, along with field measurements, Google Earth, or existing site plans, to provide clients with a comprehensive visual representation of their chosen swing set within the allocated space. By showcasing the play structures, complete with color variations and still photographs from various angles, BPS enables customers to make informed decisions on placement and integration with existing playground structures.

This advanced approach ensures that the placement and design elements align with the desired outcome for the swing set and the overall playground.  Commercial Playground Swing Sets are no exception and understanding the diverse questions and requirements of customers, is crucial for a seamless installation.

BPS offers on-site consultations to maximize the potential of each play space. By engaging in a face-to-face interaction, BPS sales representatives establish personal relationships and provide invaluable expertise to aid decision-making. During these consultations, BPS evaluates the project scope, assesses the play space, and understands the client's objectives. Whether it's choosing new equipment, refurbishing existing ones, adding shelters or shade, or developing a dog park, the sales representative's goal is to ensure complete customer satisfaction.

Successful equipment installation hinges on meticulous planning, and BPS excels in this aspect. Working exclusively with factory-trained expert installers, we at BPS guarantee an efficient and safe installation process. By collaboratively determining a suitable installation date and method, we can ensure a stress-free experience for our customers.

Additionally, the company can provide permits and engineered drawings, further streamlining the installation process. With BPS, clients can rest assured that their new play structures or playground equipment will be installed to the highest standards, delivering a safe play environment for children.

Tips for Commercial Playground Installation:
Before starting the installation of a swing set, carefully select the location, considering factors such as flatness, absence of obstacles, accessibility, and visibility. Ensure the area meets safety requirements and complies with regulations.

Following Manufacturer's Instructions:
When installing your swing set, carefully read and follow the manufacturer's instructions provided. Each swing set may have specific guidelines and requirements, so familiarize yourself with the manual. Pay attention to weight limits, recommended age ranges, and any special tools or hardware needed for assembly. Following the instructions ensures a proper installation and reduces safety risks.

Careful Assembly and Safety Rules:
Assemble the swing set with care, following the provided instructions step by step. It's recommended to have a team of trained individuals for efficient installation. Ensure all bolts, screws, and connections are tightly secured. Regularly check for stability and balance, making any necessary adjustments to ensure the swing set is safe for use. Establish clear safety rules for using the swing set, emphasizing responsible play and crowd control.

Ensuring Ongoing Safety:
After installing the swing set, conduct regular safety inspections to ensure durability and safety. Check for any loose or damaged parts, rust, or signs of wear and tear. Tighten loose bolts or screws and lubricate moving parts as needed. Regular maintenance helps identify and address potential safety hazards, ensuring a safe and enjoyable experience for children. 

The safety of BPS customers and the children which play on any provided equipment or play structure is of paramount importance. Regardless of the initial quality of outdoor equipment, wear and tear is inevitable over time. To mitigate risks and ensure ongoing safety, BPS recommends periodic safety reviews. This becomes especially crucial when reopening play areas after prolonged periods of inactivity, as witnessed during lockdown orders.

BPS offers informal safety reviews of existing playgrounds, providing valuable insights and suggestions. For those requiring a more formal and official assessment, BPS can also source third-party independent auditors. Certified Playground Safety Inspectors (CPSIs) conduct these audits, possessing the necessary expertise to identify hazards, utilize specialized equipment, and provide comprehensive documentation.

Installing a swing set in your commercial playground provides a fantastic opportunity to create a fun-filled play space for children. With Bliss Products and Services, Inc., offering on-site consultations, seamless installations, and a commitment to safety through reviews and audits, BPS guarantees customer satisfaction and a safe play environment.

When partnering with BPS, you can transform your play space into an engaging, vibrant, and secure area that fosters joy, creativity, and growth. Contact your BPS sales representative or call our toll-free telephone number today to embark on your exceptional commercial playground installation experience. Get ready to see children's faces light up with joy as they swing and play. Contact Bliss Products and Services today!
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