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The Snug Play Expert SystemThe Snug Play Expert System
UltraPlay The Snug Play Expert System
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The SnugPlay Advanced SystemThe SnugPlay Advanced System
UltraPlay The SnugPlay Advanced System
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The Snug Play Intermediate SystemThe Snug Play Intermediate System
UltraPlay The Snug Play Intermediate System
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The Snug Play Elementary System
UltraPlay The Snug Play Elementary System
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The Snug Play Primary SystemThe Snug Play Primary System
UltraPlay The Snug Play Primary System
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The SnugPlay Learner SystemThe SnugPlay Learner System
UltraPlay The SnugPlay Learner System
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Interactive Play Equipment

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Snug Play

Playcore and UltraPlay have designed Snug Play as an innovative and unique way for kids to engage in interactive play. This helps kids connect with each other while building and developing spatial and creative skills.

The Snug Play system was inspired by research on how kids design their own play spaces. The system is built on cooperative play principles that encourage growth and collaboration in order to design and engineer a new play environment for themselves as they play. By focusing on communicative and collaborative skills at play it allows children to use the Snug Play System to create their own play environment, they can build at a giant scale whilst developing teamworking skills and forming bonds through play with their friends.

Snug Play - Accessible play equipment for all:

When children design their own play environment and learn to work together they can experience all-abilities of play and learn communication with kids of all abilities. Snug Play systems are often chosen by schools with child development centers. Your playground or park can benefit from incorporating Snug Play into its existing play equipment range as it opens up numerous possibilities for those of all abilities to interact and learn from each other and together.

The Snug Play System

Snug Play systems are made from interactive playground equipment that was designed by kids after educators and researchers determined the best, most imaginative and cross-functional ways that certain components and structures could be utilized.

Each Snug Play kit comes equipped with pieces that serve as building blocks in the play experience. The pieces are unique and can be used in a variety of ways. Noodle pieces connect to curved walls or mounds, loop rings feed into bumps, cogs are bases or roofs or gears… whatever the children decide is suitable for their unique playground build. If they can imagine it they can create it.

Snug Play is big enough for it to be immersive even for older children, which makes it excellent elementary school playground equipment, and the smaller kits with more essential parts are great indoor playground equipment or preschool playground equipment.

A Play System With Endless Possibilities

Snug Play kits are made up of lots of different loose parts, designed to be imagination toys providing endless opportunities for children to create and build their own playground. Each kit provides basic parts that can be used in numerous different ways: some pieces serve as bases and climbable elements, like the mound or loop pieces, while others are connectors, roofs, wheels, gears, or anything else that children can imagine.

Snug Play pieces are made up of durable, soft foam and plastic. They are full-scale play components that are both safe and easy for kids to engineer, especially when they collaborate and work together to achieve their goals. The pieces themselves are manufactured to withstand the rigors of continual play.

The goal of the Snug Play modular play system is to engage children in such a manner that builds social skills while developing creative thinking and problem solving abilities. while providing play which is both invigorating and fun filled with the potential to create an ADA accessible playground for all members of the team.

Loose parts play challenges kids in unique ways because the answers aren’t obvious, and there aren’t any wrong ones: however they can dream up to put the Snug Play pieces together, they’re thinking and creating and growing in new and special ways. Loose parts also store and clean easily, and every time you take them out for a new day, kids get a fresh opportunity to invent new play.

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