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Grill Cover
UltraSite Grill Cover
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High Fire Ring with GrateHigh Fire Ring with Grate
UltraSite High Fire Ring with Grate
Sale priceFrom $496.00
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Bi-Level Group Grill with Utility Shelf
UltraSite Bi-Level Group Grill with Utility Shelf
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Cantilever Grill
UltraSite Cantilever Grill
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Family Size Grill
UltraSite Family Size Grill
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Rotating Pedestal Grill W- 3 1-2" O.D. Post (280 Sq. Inch)
UltraSite Rotating Pedestal Grill W- 3 1-2" O.D. Post (280 Sq. Inch)
Sale priceFrom $375.00
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Rotating Pedestal Flip-back Grill with 300 Square Inch Cook Area
UltraSite Rotating Pedestal Flip-back Grill with 300 Square Inch Cook Area
Sale priceFrom $462.00
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Heavy Duty Rotating Pedestal Grill
UltraSite Heavy Duty Rotating Pedestal Grill
Sale priceFrom $491.00
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Park Grills:

Outdoor Park Grills

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Park Grills and Firepits: Enhancing Outdoor Cooking and Social Gatherings

Park grills and firepits are popular amenities that bring people together to enjoy outdoor cooking, warmth, and socializing in parks and recreational areas. When it comes to selecting park grills and firepits, it is crucial to consider factors such as design, functionality, durability, and safety. There are different types of park grills and firepits, each with design options and addons.

Types of Park Grills and Firepits:

Pedestal Grills:

Pedestal grills are versatile and commonly found in parks. They feature a freestanding design with a grill top and a pedestal base. These grills offer adjustable cooking heights to accommodate various types of food and grilling preferences. Pedestal grills come in different sizes to suit different park settings and usage levels.

Pedestal Grill

Post-Mount Grills:

Post-mount grills are designed to be securely mounted onto a post or a pedestal. This design provides stability and prevents the grill from being easily tampered with or moved. Post-mount grills are ideal for parks and outdoor spaces where a more permanent grilling solution is desired.

Post Mount Grill


Firepits are designed for outdoor gatherings, providing warmth and a cozy ambiance. They typically feature a circular or square shape and are constructed with durable materials such as steel or concrete. Firepits come in various sizes and can accommodate wood-burning or gas-powered options, depending on local regulations and preferences.

Design Options for Park Grills and Firepits:

Grill Surface Options:

Park grills offer different grill surface options to cater to various cooking needs. Traditional grates are commonly used for grilling burgers, hotdogs, and other foods. Some grills also feature adjustable grates that can be tilted or rotated for easier cooking and cleaning. Additionally, some models include a flat griddle surface for cooking pancakes, vegetables, and delicate items.

Commercail Grill

Side Shelves and Prep Areas:

Many park grills feature side shelves or prep areas that provide convenient space for food preparation and storage. These shelves can hold utensils, plates, sauces, and other grilling essentials. Some grills even include integrated hooks for hanging tools or towels, ensuring a well-organized cooking space.

Grill with utility shelf

Optional Accessories:

Park grills often offer optional accessories to enhance the grilling experience. Examples include warming racks, ash collection systems, adjustable vents for better heat control, and rotisserie attachments for cooking larger cuts of meat. These add-ons provide versatility and customization options for park grills.

Things to Consider When Installing Outdoor Commercial Grills in Parks:

Safety Considerations:

When installing outdoor commercial grills in parks, safety should be a top priority. Ensure that the grill is placed in a well-ventilated area away from flammable materials such as trees, bushes, or wooden structures. Follow local fire safety regulations and guidelines to prevent accidents and ensure the safety of park visitors.


Consider the accessibility of the grill for all park users, including individuals with disabilities. Ensure that there is enough space around the grill for wheelchair manoeuvrability and that the cooking height is adjustable to accommodate users of varying heights and abilities.

Maintenance and Durability:

Select outdoor commercial grills that are built to withstand heavy use, outdoor elements, and vandalism. Look for grills constructed from high-quality materials such as stainless steel or cast iron, as these are known for their durability and resistance to corrosion. Regular maintenance, cleaning, and inspection should be conducted to keep the grills in optimal condition.

Installation and Anchoring:

Proper installation and anchoring are essential to ensure the stability and security of the grill. Follow the manufacturer's instructions for installation, including any specific anchoring requirements. Secure the grill to a stable surface, such as concrete or a heavy-duty base, to prevent it from tipping over or being moved unintentionally.

Park grills and firepits offer a wonderful opportunity to bring people together for outdoor cooking and socializing. By selecting the right type of grill or firepit, considering design options, and following proper installation guidelines, you can create a safe and enjoyable grilling experience in your park or recreational area. Remember to prioritize durability, functionality, and safety when choosing outdoor commercial grills to ensure years of memorable moments and delicious meals in the great outdoors.

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