Bliss Products and Services (BPS) Shipping Policy


At BPS, we provide shipping to our customers at the best price we can. Shipping charges are based on the size and weight of the items ordered, the shipping distance, the delivery destination’s access, and the chosen method of shipping.

No orders can ship to PO boxes.

Most of the products sold by BPS are large items and ship via “LTL” (less-than-truckload) freight, delivering curb side at the shipping address. LTL freight is a common delivery method in the industry and is by far the most cost efficient way of moving large items through the contiguous United States. Orders are shipped and received on Monday through Friday (excluding bank holidays), are typically in transit for 3-10 business days, and delivery times cannot be guaranteed. At this time and for the most cost-savings for the customer, BPS typically ships LTL freight via curb side delivery, described below.

Very large items (ex. very large playground equipment) may ship via dedicated truck/van, referred to as an “FTL” (full truckload) freight shipment. FTL shipments have a short transit time as they generally go door-to-door. Regardless of how the order is presented at checkout, BPS may ship orders with many and/or large items via FTL freight or dedicated truck/van.

Parcel packages may ship via FedEx, USPS, or UPS Ground services, depending upon the originations point’s availability and regardless of what is displayed at checkout.

Orders in stock received by 1:00 PM CST should be processed within 1-2 business days.

Items shipped with “Free Shipping” does not necessarily mean that the item was shipped at no cost to BPS. Please refer to the refund policy regarding any questions about refund amounts for shipping.


Commercial playground equipment, wooden swing sets, trampolines, park equipment, and other large items are shipped via freight with curb side delivery. Here’s what to expect with curb side delivery:

The order is typically delivered by a large tractor/trailer that should have a step and handle for easy access to climb onto the trailer.

Delivery will be scheduled by the freight company via the phone number you provide on your order. Delivery cannot be made without an appointment/someone present to inspect/unload the order. If the order is shipped to a commercial business, a delivery will only be set if requested.

When you make your appointment, we recommend that you also request the freight company call you 30 to 45 minutes before the driver actually arrives on location to avoid having to wait.

Unless expressly mentioned at checkout, liftgate services are not included in your shipping costs. The freight company may suggest you purchase a liftgate service when they call to make an appointment. In our experience, very few shipments actually fit well on the liftgate and/or customers are not interested in paying the extra fee ($150-200 per delivery), which is why we typically do not use it. Transportation companies make more money if they convince you to pay for a liftgate.

With curb side delivery, the driver is only responsible for pulling the truck up to the curb and giving you access to the trailer, though he or she may be willing to assist in unloading, especially if you offer a tip.

Most large items ship bundled, in a crate, or on a pallet and can be broken down to be carried off. Customers can expect upwards of 20 boxes or more for larger orders, so most customers have a friend or neighbour help with unloading -- it generally takes 1-2 people in our warehouse to put together a shipment.

Have a boxcutter or pocketknife available to cut through plastic wraps and banding. With very large orders that have been crated, a crowbar or power drill may be needed to access the product. You’ll also need a camera and a pen to make any notes on the paperwork.

You should have plenty of time to work diligently to unload the items.

Be aware that you may be responsible for disposing of the wooden pallet and packaging materials, though the transportation company generally offers to keep a pallet in good shape.

Some deliveries, regardless of special services ordered, require meeting the driver/truck at the end of a street or subdivision in situations where the truck cannot enter the area due to city ordinances or low level wires/trees.


Receiving a freight shipment is not a difficult process, but you will want to be thorough. Depending upon the size of your shipment, it could take a little time. Remember, freight shipping is the most cost efficient way to ship large items through the US, but it does require taking inventory and following steps. When receiving a freight shipment, it is important to follow these steps:

Regardless of the condition of your shipment when it arrives, we recommend that every customer takes 4-6 pictures of their shipment before starting the unloading process.

Before removing any items or breaking down the shipment, inspect the entire shipment for scratches, scrapes, and damage. When dealing with freight carriers, damage is rare but not uncommon in the industry.

If you do encounter any damage, please read the steps below. If and only if the shipment has been damaged beyond recognition, has been rendered defective, do we recommend that you reject the shipment. Scratches and dents can be addressed with a replacement part shipment, but rejecting a shipment should only be reserved for major damage. Please call us at 1.800.248.2547 if you have any questions about rejecting a shipment before you decide to do so, and we will be happy to help during our normal business hours.

Take a detailed inventory of every item in your shipment. Check it against the BOL (bill-of-lading) that the driver gives you and any shipping manifest/delivery receipt paperwork included in the shipment. If you cannot find an adequate listing of what to expect in your shipment, please call us right away at 1.800.248.2547, and we will be able to help if it is during our normal business hours.

Make notes of any damage or discrepancies on the paperwork provided by the driver. Take a picture of the paperwork and email it to Go to the Reporting Damage or Lost Items section below.

Dispose of any extra packaging materials.

Be sure to contact us at 1.800.248.2547 if you have any questions in the process.

Unfortunately, mistakes do happen and items can arrive damaged or incomplete. The driver will not know as much about the product as the customer or BPS, please call us if you have any questions upon delivery, and we will be happy to help during our normal business hours.


It is the customer’s responsibility to make sure there are the same number of pieces as the delivery receipt indicates. If the order is not complete, the customer must note that with the carrier at the time of delivery. The more information you can include when signing the paperwork, the better.

Signing a shipment as clear and/or failing to note a shortage or damage removes BPS and the carrier from any replacement responsibility -- the customer will be required to pay for missing pieces and related shipping costs. We guarantee replacement parts as long as damaged, defective, and missing pieces are noted at the time of delivery.

Please take and send all pictures and paperwork to to report damaged or lost items from shipment. BPS MUST have these pictures and paperwork as proof of a claim in order to process the replacement of damaged or missing items.

If a shipment is completely destroyed, in total disarray and can’t be inventoried, or a primary component of the product that can’t be easily replaced/shipped has been damaged in such a way that it is now dangerous or defective (ie. not cosmetic or fixed with touch-up paint), we recommend that the customer contact us immediately at 1.800.248.2547 and be prepared to refuse delivery of the shipment.

Be sure to contact us at 1.800.248.2547 if you have any questions in the process.


In most cases, a customer should accept delivery of their shipment with slight damage that can be addressed with replacement pieces or touch-up paint. As mentioned in this policy, please make notes in the shipping paperwork to receive those replacement parts. In the case where the order has been severely damaged in transit by the freight company, the customer should reject the shipment. In some cases, damage may be cosmetic and easily addressable, and the customer should not reject it. Please review the Terms of Service for how we handle that situation and the Refund Policy for more detail regarding a refund.


If you have received a shipment that appeared to be fine, signed off on the shipment, and later found damaged or missing pieces of your order upon removing packaging, this is referred to as concealed damage or lost product. To report concealed damage/loss and claim replacement parts, you will need to have pictures of the shipment and paperwork you signed handy. Please refer to our Terms of Service page for more information.


When you place an order with BPS, unless it has been noted at the time of checkout, we have removed as many unnecessary services and fees as we can from your shipping charges. Unless expressly noted on your order confirmation, you will not receive a liftgate service or unloading from the driver.

Here are a few reasons where BPS may charge you additional shipping fees that must be paid prior to delivery:

Liftgate Services do not come standard with BPS shipments. If you later request a liftgate after your order has been placed, and the service is available, you will be charged a fee of $150-250 per delivery. Not all products ship from the same warehouse, so check with our customer service team prior to requesting a liftgate service.

Inside Delivery does not come standard with BPS shipments. You must request and pay for inside delivery charges prior to your appointment to receive this service. Inside delivery fees range from $150-300, depending upon the weight of the item.

Reconsignment fees will be charged if the customer needs to change a shipping address after an item has shipped. Your order will ship to the shipping address from your order confirmation email. If you need to change your shipping address, please contact us as quickly as possible and request an updated order confirmation email with the new address. The reconsignment fees depend upon the location of the new shipping address. If the change of location beyond 100 miles from the original shipping destination, the fees could be quite large. The amount will have to be quoted at the time of request and can exceed $200 in our experience. BPS typically passes those fees along to customers at our cost.

Fees incurred for the Customer missing a delivery appointment and requiring Redelivery must be paid to BPS prior to a new delivery appointment being made. Redelivery fees generally range from $80-150 per shipment.


At its sole discretion, BPS may make exceptions to specific sections of the Shipping Policy on a case-by-case basis only to the additional benefit of the customer without nullifying or changing any other part of the Shipping Policy.

In order to continually clarify and update for changes in products and services, the Shipping Policy is subject to change without prior notice at the sole discretion of the Company. The date of the latest revision should be at the top of the Shipping Policy.