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Rubber Surfacing

Seamless Rubber Pour-In-Place by BlissSeamless Rubber Pour-In-Place by Bliss
Bliss Products and Services Seamless Rubber Pour-In-Place by Bliss
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Seamless Rubber Pour-In-Place by DuraplaySeamless Rubber Pour-In-Place by Duraplay
Duraplay Seamless Rubber Pour-In-Place by Duraplay
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Rubber Tiles 2' x 2'
Bliss Products and Services Rubber Tiles 2' x 2'
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Shredded Rubber Mulch Chips - Per Cubic Yard (CY)
Bliss Products and Services Shredded Rubber Mulch Chips - Per Cubic Yard (CY)
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Rubber Playground Surfacing Options: Types, Installation, and Maintenance

Rubber Fill & Fall Surfacing

Playgrounds serve as important spaces for children to engage in physical activities, socialize, and explore their creativity. Ensuring a safe and enjoyable play environment is paramount, and selecting the appropriate playground surfacing is crucial. Among the various options available, rubber surfacing stands out for its exceptional impact absorption, durability, and accessibility. In this guide, we will explore the different types of rubber playground surfacing, providing detailed information on their characteristics, installation processes, and essential maintenance considerations.

Poured-in-Place (PIP) Rubber Surfacing

Poured-in-Place (PIP) rubber surfacing is a popular choice for playgrounds due to its seamless and resilient nature. It comprises a base layer made of recycled rubber and a top layer of pigmented EPDM rubber granules. Here's an in-depth look at PIP rubber surfacing:


PIP rubber allows for extensive design possibilities, including a wide range of colors, patterns, and even the incorporation of educational elements. This versatility enhances the visual appeal of the playground, stimulating children's imagination and creativity.

Impact Absorption:

PIP rubber provides excellent shock absorption, significantly reducing the risk of fall-related injuries. The cushioned surface absorbs the energy of falls, minimizing the impact on children's bodies.


PIP rubber offers a smooth and slip-resistant surface, making it suitable for children with disabilities or those using mobility devices. The seamless nature of PIP rubber eliminates tripping hazards and ensures a barrier-free environment.


PIP rubber is highly durable and resilient, designed to withstand heavy foot traffic and exposure to varying weather conditions. It can endure the rigors of continuous use, making it a long-lasting surfacing option.

Considerations for PIP Rubber Installation:

Professional Installation:

Engage experienced professionals for the installation process to ensure proper mixing, pouring, and curing. Correct installation techniques are vital for achieving the desired performance and safety standards.

Fall Height Rating:

Determine the appropriate thickness of the PIP rubber based on the fall height of the play equipment. Adhering to safety guidelines ensures that the surface adequately absorbs the impact of falls.


Regularly inspect the surface for signs of wear, damage, or loose areas. Clean the surface as recommended by the manufacturer to maintain its appearance and performance. Promptly repair any damaged areas to ensure continued safety.

Pour In Place Rubber Fall Surfacing

Rubber Tiles and Mats

Rubber tiles and mats offer a versatile and easy-to-install option for playground surfacing. They are available in various thicknesses, shapes, and sizes. Let's explore the details of rubber tiles and mats:

Installation Flexibility:

Rubber tiles and mats can be installed over a variety of surfaces, such as concrete, asphalt, or compacted stone. They provide a quick and convenient solution for surfacing small to medium-sized playground areas.

Impact Absorption:

Similar to PIP rubber, rubber tiles and mats offer excellent shock absorption, reducing the risk of fall-related injuries. The thickness of the tiles or mats determines their impact-absorbing capabilities.

Slip Resistance:

Rubber tiles and mats provide a slip-resistant surface, ensuring children can play safely even in wet conditions. The textured surface enhances traction, reducing the chances of slips and falls.


Regularly inspect the tiles or mats for any signs of damage or wear. Promptly replace any damaged pieces to maintain a safe surface. Cleaning can be done using mild soap and water or a recommended rubber surfacing cleaner.

Considerations for Rubber Tiles and Mats Installation:

Subbase Preparation:

Ensure the subbase is properly prepared, leveled, and free of debris before installing rubber tiles or mats. A well-prepared subbase provides a stable foundation for the tiles or mats and ensures proper drainage.

Interlocking or Glue-Down:

Rubber tiles and mats can be either interlocking or glue-down. Consider the specific requirements of your playground and choose the appropriate installation method accordingly.

Edging and Bordering:

Use edging or border materials to secure the perimeter of the rubber tiles or mats. This helps maintain their position and prevents any shifting or tripping hazards.

Rubber tiles & Mats

Rubber Mulch

Rubber mulch is an environmentally friendly and impact-absorbing playground surfacing option. It is made from recycled rubber tires and offers several advantages. Here's what you need to know about rubber mulch:

Impact Absorption:

Rubber mulch provides excellent shock absorption, minimizing the risk of fall-related injuries. The rubber material cushions falls, reducing the impact on a child's body.


It is highly durable and resistant to weathering, maintaining its performance over time. Rubber mulch does not decompose or break down easily, making it a long-lasting surfacing option.

Color Variety:

Available in a range of colors, rubber mulch allows for creative design possibilities and customization. It adds vibrancy and visual appeal to the playground.


Rubber mulch offers a stable and slip-resistant surface suitable for children with mobility devices. Its textured surface provides better traction, reducing the chances of slips and falls.

Considerations for Rubber Mulch Installation:

a. Containment: Prepare a suitable base and containment system to prevent the migration of rubber mulch, ensuring it remains within the play area. This containment system can be in the form of a rubber or plastic border, landscape timbers, or concrete curbing.


Install an adequate depth of rubber mulch to achieve the desired impact attenuation, considering the fall height of the play equipment. Follow the manufacturer's guidelines to determine the appropriate depth.


Regularly inspect the surfacing for any signs of displacement, degradation, or contamination. Remove any foreign objects like glass or metal, as they can pose safety hazards. Proper drainage should be maintained to prevent water accumulation and potential slipping hazards. Occasional raking and leveling may be necessary to maintain an even surface.

Rubber Mulch

Rubber playground surfacing options, such as Poured-in-Place (PIP) rubber, rubber tiles and mats, and rubber mulch, offer excellent impact absorption, durability, and accessibility. When choosing a rubber surfacing option, consider factors such as customization possibilities, impact absorption capabilities, maintenance requirements, and installation considerations specific to each type. By selecting the right rubber surfacing and following proper installation procedures, you can create a safe and inviting play environment that promotes the well-being and enjoyment of children for years to come. Remember to consult with professionals and adhere to safety guidelines throughout the installation and maintenance processes. Our helpful team at our Bliss Products and Services office will be able to answer any questions you might have or direct your local Bliss Products and Services representative to pay an on-site call to give you answers on the ground.

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