Double Cantilever Hip Shade

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Double Cantilever Hip Shade


Double Cantilever Hip Shade Structures:

Enhance Commercial Spaces and Outdoor Facilities with the Double Cantilever Hip Shade

Providing comfortable and inviting outdoor spaces is crucial for commercial businesses, parks, and educational facilities. Whether it's a restaurant patio, a public park, or a school playground, offering ample shade is essential for the comfort and enjoyment of visitors. The Double Cantilever Hip Shade presents an ideal solution for these environments. Explore the features and benefits of this shade structure, specifically tailored to meet the needs of commercial businesses, parks, and educational facilities.

1. Designed for Commercial Use

The Double Cantilever Hip Shade boasts a modern design that complements commercial settings seamlessly. Its sleek and stylish appearance adds an aesthetic appeal to any outdoor space. Whether you have a restaurant, café, hotel, or outdoor event venue, this shade structure will enhance the visual appeal of your establishment while providing a practical solution for shade and weather protection.

2. Ample Shade Coverage

With its impressive span of up to 24 feet, the Double Cantilever Hip Shade offers superior coverage, making it ideal for large commercial spaces and high-traffic areas. Parks, playgrounds, and outdoor recreational facilities can benefit from the extended coverage, providing shade for picnic areas, seating zones, or playground equipment. The shade structure's unique design ensures unobstructed space underneath, allowing visitors to move freely while enjoying protection from the sun.

3. Effective UV Protection and Comfort

Protecting visitors from the harmful effects of UV radiation is a top priority for commercial businesses, parks, and educational facilities. The Double Cantilever Hip Shade excels in this regard, offering excellent sun protection. The shade fabric used is specifically designed to block a significant percentage of UV rays, reducing the risk of sunburn and ensuring the well-being of visitors. Additionally, the shade fabric is highly durable and resistant to fading, making it ideal for commercial use. It will maintain its vibrant colors and visual appeal over time, even in high-traffic areas. The range of available colors and patterns allows you to customize the shade to align with your establishment's branding or outdoor aesthetics.

4. Robust Construction for Commercial Demands

Commercial environments demand shade structures that can withstand heavy use and varying weather conditions. The Double Cantilever Hip Shade is built to meet these requirements. Its mast and arms are constructed from high-quality, powder-coated Steel, ensuring strength and durability. This guarantees a stable and secure shade structure capable of withstanding wind gusts and providing reliable shelter during inclement weather. The cable tensioning system employed in the design allows for easy adjustment and ensures the fabric remains taut and wrinkle-free. This not only enhances the shade's appearance but also facilitates effective water runoff during rainy weather, minimizing the chances of water pooling and promoting a dry and comfortable outdoor experience.

5. Versatile Installation Options for Commercial Spaces

Bliss Products and Services offers versatile installation options for the Double Cantilever Hip Shade, making it suitable for various commercial settings. The shade structure can be freestanding, allowing you to position it strategically in open spaces or designated seating areas. Alternatively, it can be mounted to existing structures such as rooftops , courtyards, or outdoor event venues, expanding its coverage and providing shade where it is most needed.


The Double Cantilever Hip Shade presents a versatile and visually appealing shade solution for commercial businesses, parks, and educational facilities. With its modern design, superior shade coverage, effective UV protection, and durable construction, this shade structure is perfectly suited to enhance outdoor experiences and create inviting spaces throughout the year. Whether you're looking to provide shade for restaurant patios, park picnic areas, or playgrounds, the Double Cantilever Hip Shade is sure to enhance your outdoor experience and provide a comfortable space to enjoy throughout the seasons.

Double Cantilever Hip

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